Preparing For Winter


As the weather grows cooler, homeowners/ Tenants should begin to prepare for the upcoming cold winter months. There are many things we can and should do to protect our families and homes from the ravages of winter. Good planning can also help to reduce maintenance and utility costs.

1. Make sure all air vents are free of obstructions.
2. Test your furnace before the weather gets very cold.
3. Consider having your heating system checked by a professional.
4.Replace or clean your furnace air filters.
5. Vacuum under and behind your freezer and fridge, this can greatly improve the efficiency of the unit.
6. Make sure all smoke detectors are working with fresh batteries.
7. Install a carbon monoxide alarm near the furnace and any fireplaces that get used.
8. Make sure your house number is well lit and clearly readable from the street.
9. Consider having your vents cleaned by a professional
10. Check all handrails inside and out to make sure they are strong enough to prevent a fall and extend far enough to provide ample support.
11. Make sure all entrances are lit by lights connected to motion and light detectors.
12. Test your security alarm.

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